Aged Balsamic Brown Butter Spaghetti with Chicken, Spinach, and Bell Peppe
BBQ Sliders
Brined Roast Chicken with Harvest Loaf Panzanella
Burrata Sandwich with Proscuitto and Basil
Cheese Tortellini with Sweet Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions
Cheesy Burrata Pasta Bake
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken, White Fiber Mini Shells, and Vegetable Soup
Citrus Brine Roasted Turkey
“Crabby” Sandwiches
Crock Pot Chicken Tacos
Eggplant and Fresh Mozzarella with Bell Pepper
Grilled Chicken and Skirt Steak Fajitas
Grilled Chicken Tacos
Grilled Eggplant Stacks with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar Reduction
Grilled Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella, Provolone, and Parmesan Topped with Arugula Salad
Ham and Pineapple One Dish Meal – Crazy. Easy.
Homemade Pizza
Homemade Spinach & Cheese Ravioli
Instant Pot Chicken & Dumplings Soup
Instant Pot Loaded Cauliflower Soup
Lamb Chops with Herb Butter
Lemon Garlic Chicken with Sauteed Spinach and Tomatoes served over Spaghetti
Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Fingerling Potatoes
Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Spiralized Zucchini
Leftover Crock Pot Chicken Taco Enchiladas
Leprechaun Lunch
Lobster-Stuffed Beef Tenderloin
Margarita Chicken
Marinated Filet
Marinated Filet with Roasted New Potatoes
Pesto Chicken Soup
Prosciutto and Asparagus Pasta
Roasted Bell Pepper Caprese Salad
Roasted Garlic Blue Cheese Filet
Roasted Tomato & Anaheim Chile Pepper Salsa
Rocky Mountain Pork with Parmesan Couscous
{Somewhat Healthy} Spinach Lasagna by The Hubby
Soy Free Sesame Peanut Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry
S.O.S. – A Family Tradition
Spaghetti with Roasted Asparagus & Shaved Parmesan
Stacked Enchiladas
Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers
Tortellini Salad

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