“Crabby” Sandwiches

These cute sandwiches were part of my End of Summer Party blog post, but they were so cute, I thought they warranted their own spot on the blog!

These “crabby sandwiches”were filled with good ol’ PB&J. I got the idea for the sandwiches from Disney’s Family Fun Magazine, they were a big hit! We had one little guy who is allergic to peanuts, but easily swapped it out for soy nut butter and he was just as happy! I didn’t attach the carrots or the strawberries – I wanted them all on one platter, so just informed the parents they would have to “rebuild” at serving time – it was fairly easy! I prepped everything ahead of time on the platter and covered with plastic wrap. I made the toothpick eyes ahead of time as well, but put those on at the last minute.

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