Halloween Party

This year we headed over to the home of good friends for some pre-trick-or-treating fun, pictures, food, and drinks before we headed out into our neighborhood.  I can’t take credit for any of the photos shown here – they are all the creative work of Gretchen Wakeman – but couldn’t resist sharing the decorations, buffet table, and fun pictures Gretchen took! 

Our hosts did a great job choosing the perfect food for their guests!  We had two kinds of sandwich platters from Costco – one included deli pinwheels (you know, those yummy bites that have deli meat, cheese, etc wrapped in a tortilla and sliced?) and the other was deli croissant sandwiches – perfect, delicious, and filling!   Also on the buffet table were bowls of chips, salsa, a veggie platter, cookies, and of course….buckets of candy!  For the kids we had juice boxes and for the grown ups, cocktails and beer…..awesome. 

To top it off, the hostess and host were dressed as a shot girl and shot boy – it was perfect for them and made for some great photos!

How did you celebrate Halloween this year?

photo courtesy of Gretchen Wakeman


photo courtesy of Gretchen Wakeman


photo courtesy of Gretchen Wakeman
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