Our Thanksgiving – 2013

We have so much to be thankful for this year and we spent the day with good friends celebrating the day.  I wanted to share some fun photos and links to some of recipes we served!

For appetizers the host provided an antipasto platter filled with Italian meats, different cheeses, and delicious olives.  We also served my mother-in-law’s Clam Dip, Tex Mex Deviled Eggs, and washed it down with Apple Cider Sangria.

The Hubby and I provided a turkey to roast that we prepared the day before using a Citrus Brine and the host prepared a smaller turkey in an infrared cooker.  This was new to me – he first injected the bird with a delicious marinade then into the cooker it went for a few hours.  It was delicious!


Once both turkeys were done, everyone got into gear!  There were about 20 people, including kids, so we decided to set up all of the food buffet style on the island.  The host and my hubby did a great job carving each of the turkeys.





Another friend was helping with the carving process, but also made sure he could drink his wine as well with his “turkey hands”.

The host’s mother was in town and made the gravy.

The Hubby and I brought several sides to share including Bourbon Baked Cranberries, Roasted Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes with Rosemary & Parmesan, and Popovers.  We also brought stuffing, but sorry, that was out of the box!  Our friends had supplied two different versions of green bean casserole and another family provided scalloped corn.

We shared dessert with our neighbors and they brought a pumpkin cheesecake as well as a pecan pie.  The host and friends also provided pumpkin pie, apple pie, and miniature pumpkin muffins and cinnamon rolls.   

Everything about our Thanksgiving was wonderful.  The food, the friends, the fun…..our hostess’ dad even played some acoustic guitar and sang for everyone – it was awesome.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and counted all of your blessings around you.  I know that I did.

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