Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

My little one just turned 5 and asked for a Lego Star Wars birthday party.  I was game. We have always had his parties at home, but this time decided to get out of the house and have it at USA Youth Fitness Center.  This gave the kids an hour of fun in the gym that has a couple of pits of foam blocks, trampolines, bars, rings – all kinds of gymnastics equipment!  After the bouncing, we headed to the party room 30 minutes where they enjoyed a healthy snack, and cake, of course.

We decided on two layers for the cake so we could decorate it with Lego Star Wars figurines. These doubled as a birthday gift from us!   He is a big fan of red velvet so that was the flavor of the bottom layer and the smaller, top cake was milk chocolate.  I used Betty Crocker mixes to bake the cake.  To get the grey frosting on the cake,  I used Betty Crocker’s Whipped Vanilla Frosting mixed with Wilton’s black icing coloring.

For the 5 and the Star Wars logo, I used black and white sugar sheets by Wilton.  I found a Star Wars font and then created the logo and number to trace onto the sugar sheets.

What I didn’t think about when I assembled the cake onto the stand, was that I was going to have to transport this, in 100 degree heat, to the gym.  Fortunately, The Bestie was visiting and offered to steady it in her car.  UN-fortunately, I didn’t do my best job of making sure the top of the base of the cake was more level and I didn’t stick the cake in the refrigerator to chill it before moving it.  These lessons learned will stay with me.  The top of the cake slid off a bit just as they pulled into the gym.  I thought this might happen so brought extra frosting with me.  I was able to put it back together and patch it with the extra frosting.  There was a refrigerator in the party room so we were able to store it in there for about an hour before having to move it again!

The frosting ended up being a little lumpy on the top layer, but what’s most important?  My little one LOVED it – and so did all of his friends!





After playing in the gym for an hour, I wanted to give the kids a healthy snack before the cake.  I purchased all of the paper plates, napkins, and cups from various store on Amazon.  I served the party-goers fruit sabers, Wookie Wheat Thins, and Vadorade.  Thanks to Sandy Toes & Popsicles for the Vadorade idea and printable!





USA Youth Fitness Center provided small bags of candy as a party favor, but I also wanted to give our guests a Star Wars themed goodie too.  I found this great idea from Joyously Domestic to buy $.97 bubble wands at Walmart and turning them into light sabers by spray painting the handles silver – or “shiny grey” as my 5 year old would say.


I found these invitations by Invite Studio Shoppe – the little one looked through all of his choices on Etsy and chose these:

We were lucky enough to have The Bestie and her family in town for the special occasion!  Thanks so much for spending the weekend with us!  Everyone had an awesome time!

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