Pink Ribbon Wreaths – What a Surprise!

This week, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Hubby surprised me by telling me that he asked our friend Christina to make 5 pink ribbon wreaths for me in honor of my fight against breast cancer!   I was completely taken by surprise and was SO happy to see how beautifully they turned out!

For those of you that know me, you know that every day – for over a year now – I have something on me that is pink, whether it is a bracelet, a headband, t-shirt, flip flops, etc.  I wear some piece of pink every day….so these wreaths are PERFECT for me!!!




You may remember the DIY Burlap Wreath that I posted this past November – that was made by Christina too!

The Hubby went on a stealthy mission to Michaels by himself, entire purchase coupon in hand from a girlfriend of mine, and bought the supplies.  For each wreath, he purchased:

The step-by-step instructions on creating a wreath can be found in Christina’s DIY Burlap Wreath post…..these types of wreaths can be made for any occasion!

She made the wreaths and decided that they needed a little something extra, so she went to Michaels and purchased for each wreath:

  • 1 wooden, unfinished “awareness ribbon” (not currently on Michael’s website – but available at other craft stores)
  • Pink acrylic paint

She made the letters with a Silhouette and applied to the wood with Mod Podge

All 5 wreaths are decorating our home for the month of October and I think it is awesome!  He hung the 4 that are on the outside of the house with pink ribbon – perfect!
HUGE thank yous, hugs, and love to The Hubby and to Christina for thinking of me during my first October, post-diagnosis, and being cancer free!  
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