Annual Wine Tasting – Recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We hosted our neighborhood’s Annual Wine Tasting over the weekend and although I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post as I have done a couple of these in the past, I decided to write one anyway to share what we did differently as well as some of the fun photos from the event!

This party has been in our neighborhood for several years now and has made a few changes to where it is hosted.  Last year we took on the party along with our good friends and co-hosted the event together.  You can read all it here.  One of my favorite wines, a Cabernet Sauvignon from McManis Vineyards won two years in a row and I shared the details of hosting a wine tasting party in this blog post.  

The Hubby came up with a great idea for this year’s wine tasting by hosting it in October and recognizing breast cancer awareness month, asking everyone to wear a little (or a lot) of pink, and by requesting that our guests bring a new hat or scarf to donate to cancer patients.  

Our guests didn’t disappoint, we saw tons of pink and have a generous donation that will go to the Gilbert, AZ Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers where I was treated with stage IIIA breast cancer just a short 4+ years ago.  

We have participated in these enough, that we have learned the best way, so far, to make this a fair and square competition 🙂  The other rules we implemented included using a random numbering system to tag each bag for the blind taste testing as well as by handing out the voting cards to each guest instead of having a stack by the vote collection jar.  This is serious, people.  No ballot stuffing, no guessing at which wine is yours, it’s all a true competition on which wine tastes the best.  

The Hubby did a fantastic job of getting the house prepped for the event!  We had a pink light shining on our entryway, we used our Glow Ready Beach Balls that we purchased from last year and bought pink lights to adorn our pool, he even added a battery operated, submersible LED light into the cooler that held our pre-wine tasting champagne bucket.  


I didn’t take a ton of photos – as I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post.  But I was so happy to see all of the pink and the generous donations, I thought I’d do one anyway.  The remaining photos are a few from the event along with a great group photo taken with an iPhone positioned strategically on the back of our couch to capture the entire group.  Cheers my friends – thank you SO MUCH for your friendship and support!

Our winning wine?  A 2014 Private Reserve Series Three Vines North Coast Red Wine from Windsor Vineyards!

We even manged an iPhone photo using the back of the couch inside our home to snap this photo of the guests….

Cheers to the pink!

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