Visit to Valente’s Deli Bakery & Italian Market

This post shares more of the personal side of me – I grew up outside of Denver, CO and have a large Italian family, most of whom are still in the Denver area.  My great uncle, Ray Valente, Sr., owned Valente’s Italian Restaurant that was located in Wheat Ridge and in 2008, after 44 years of being in business, he retired. 

Ray had many siblings – my grandfather being one of them!  Fred Valente, was another one – he ran a small grocery store starting in the late 1930s.   In 1953, he opened Rodeo Supermarket in Westminster – it was the city’s first supermarket and place for one-stop shopping. 

In 1970, the Rodeo Supermarket moved to 72nd and Meade after acquiring one of the larger markets there which Fred put out of business and the store moved.  Fred’s son Larry took on the management of the business when Fred passed away in 1972. 

Larry’s family made the decision in 1990 to close the doors with the challenges facing business owners due to the economy in the late 80s.   Larry didn’t take off much time and decided to open Valente’s Deli Bakery & Italian Market at 7250 Meade Street in Westminster, CO which is across the parking lot from where the Rodeo Supermarket was located.  He planned to specialize in Italian canolis using Fred’s famous Italian Sausage recipe….he has succeeded with that and so much more. 

Recently, Valente’s Deli Bakery & Italian Market were featured in the April 2012 issue of Sunset Magazine as part of their “Day Trip” section featuring Westminster.  Here’s a snapshot of the photo from the magazine.

During a recent visit to Colorado, I of course had to make a visit to the Deli as I do every time I am in town.  With my entire family in tow, I decided to also grab my camera and write up a blog post about my family’s deli and our delicious lunch!

I’ve included a number of photos below showcasing some of mine, and my family’s, favorite things from Valente’s.   Some of the food items Valente’s makes includes their own sauce, meatballs, sausage, breads that are all sold in the store.  They also offer catering services and are a full deli and Italian marketplace.  There are so many yummy Italian goodies to purchase – I highly recommend a visit if you live in the area.   You will see in the pictures below some of the spice mixes they sell.  A few of our family members are even part of the spice name!  So cool….although, I have yet to see one for Heather or The Bubbly Hostess….hint, hint….although, I am fully aware there are a lot of Valente’s out there!

Homemade Breads

Homemade Olive Bread

Dry Pasta

Fresh Pasta

Homemade Sauce

Lucky for me, we went on a Friday and with that, they offer The Larry Special which is only served from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Fridays. It’s their homemade sausage, grilled and topped with melted provolone and grilled peppers served on a ciabatta roll with a side of homemade sauce. The meal includes a bag of Boulder Chips and choice of Xing Tea or Boylan Soda for $5.99.

The Larry Special

Their Italian Canolis are also one of their specialities, you can get a sausage, meatball, or ham and pepperoni one.  My boys split a meatball canoli and my nephew enjoyed one as well.  These can also be purchased solo or as a combo.  I typically order the sausage canoli when I visit, but not if I’m there on a Friday!

A full deli is available for make your own sandwiches they also offer speciality sandwiches. My brother enjoyed the Valente Sub which is made with prosciutto, hard salami, and pepperoni and the hubby along with my mom each had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread.

Cousin Dino Taking Our Lunch Order

You can’t forget about dessert when visiting Valente’s.  We we arrived, Cousin Larry was enjoying a chocolate chip muffin and told all of the boys it was a must try for their visit.   They did of course.  Valente’s offers so many delicious baked goods and Italian goodies – it’s hard to choose just one!

Dessert Cannolis

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffin

I very much enjoy visits to Valente’s, and I have, on many occasions, had breads, sauce, and sausage canolis either shipped to me or brought directly to me when my parents visit!  

If you are in the area, I hope you check out Valente’s Deli Bakery & Italian Market – they are located at 7250 Meade Street in Westminster, CO.   You can also read more about the history and what they offer at

At Valente’s you are always part of the family!

Cousins Dino, Heather, and Larry

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