Summertime Sangria

I love a good summer cocktail!  We have some friends with whom we spend almost every weekend and it was “his turn” to produce the weekend cocktail over Memorial Day  We had some other friends in town as well – so he produced a most excellent Summertime Sangria!  I do need to give recipe credits to his wife!   The drink dispenser was an awesome find at Cost Plus World Market – it was calling to him as he entered the store looking for exactly that! 

The amounts for this recipe are to fill this dispenser which holds 10 liters….and we drank it all!  But – bear in mind a lot of the space is taken up by fruit!  Please plan ahead on this one – it MUST sit overnight in order for it to taste most excellent!


6 bottles Merlot
6 oranges, quartered
6 limes, quartered
6 lemons, quartered
6 cans pineapple, with juice
A whole bunch of berries, raspberries and blackberries are good
6 shots gin
2 liters ginger ale

In a large dispenser, add Merlot – then start adding fruit.  Squeeze in juice from oranges, limes, and lemons and drop in fruit.  Add pineapple and berries.  Top off with 6 shots of gin.

Let sit overnight.

When ready to serve, fill a glass with ice, add ginger ale to about 1/3 full, fill with Sangria, add a shot of gin on top, stir and serve!

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