Family Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt – 2017

Over the past weekend, The Hubby and I hosted our annual Family Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt.  We have been doing this since 2009 and according to my boys, “the best day of the year besides Christmas”.  Our guests are all gracious enough to bring something to share on the brunch buffet while The Hubby and I supply the booze and the 1200+ filled eggs.  Yes.  Over 1200 filled eggs.  Every year we have 30-40 kids, but we want them to have a basket overflowing with eggs at the end of the hunt!  

I wanted to share photos of some of the yummy food that was brought along with some photos of the Egg Hunt.  

I love that little chalkboard sign – it was a new addition this year that I found at At Home!

My friend Gretchen never disappoints with a signature cocktail for the party.  This year was no different with this very refreshing Spiked Arnold Palmer – delish!  

The boys and I always like to take pre-party photos!

Pre and Post Egg Hunt Photos

Mouth and hand filled with chocolate – it doesn’t get much cuter than this!

A few days before the party, one of the guests contacted me about an “adults” Easter Egg hunt with some Anthon Berg Liqueur Filled Chocolates, I was game but said as long as there was no chance one of the kiddos could get into it.  We ended up just passing out the eggs filled with such a delicious treat – but our guests certainly enjoyed them!

It was another successful party in the books – we are so thankful to have such great friends who celebrate with us every year!


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