Perfect Gifts for the Paint Party Birthday Boy

We celebrated my little one’s 4th birthday this week!  This year, his birthday celebration was held a few weeks earlier – how could you forget his adorable Paint Party and Paint Party Thank You Notes?

Now it was time to open gifts from his family – he received many wonderful treasures!  I wanted to share a couple of favorites with you in the event you are looking for that perfect gift to encourage your little artist!

Grandpa and Grandpa were generous enough to give him this Deluxe Standing Art Easel from Melissa & Doug, he was so surprised to walk into the family room and see that waiting for him on his birthday!  To compliment it, they also supplied him with this Easel Accessory Kit – both the birthday boy AND his big brother are in love with these!

The two boys have also had a lot of fun with the new “spin art” machine, given by dear ol’ Mom & Dad.  I know the little one had never seen this – not sure that the bigger one had either.  While searching for this, I saw a few that spun manually while the child controlled the spinning motion.  I didn’t think this was possible, so was happy to find this battery operated Spinning Art Machine by Cra-Z-Art.  Their “crazy aunt” (what they like to call her) is visiting and happily showed them how to use it.  This morning, the little one asked for help – big brother happily (and easily) assembled it, placed the paper, and got it all ready for him!  Piece of cake.

I had one of these as a kid and LOVED it – haven’t they made some beautiful images? 

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