Minecraft Birthday Party

This year my older son asked for a Minecraft themed birthday party – he was turning 8 and it is quite possibly his favorite game to play – I was in!
We talked about the cake and what he wanted.  I found some cute ideas on Pinterest that I thought we could work on together and really make it our own.  Building a cake with Rice Krispie squares, blue Jell-O squares, and chocolate brownies with green, grass-like frosting seemed like a great idea!  Don’t get me wrong – it would make a pretty awesome cake, but apparently it wasn’t what he had in mind.
He requested that the cake look JUST like the cake in the Minecraft game – so that’s what I made.  I believe I am starting to outsmart fondant too.  For those of you who have followed for me for a while, you know my history with fondant.  The end result was pretty good I thought – next time I would do it a little differently.  I would take 4 strips of tan fondant to wrap around the cake and then top it with the white fondant.  Then I would cutout the pieces so that the two pieces of fondant lined up in the middle of the cake. It was kind of a pain to frost the bottom half of the cake once the fondant was on the top!  Most importantly though, my boy loved it!

We ordered our invitations from OlivettaDesign – an Etsy store – as well as the “Happy Birthday” cubes to help decorate the cake and food table.  They were perfect!

The party was in the middle of the afternoon and I decided we could serve snacks to the guests instead of a full meal.  We enjoyed pretty kid friendly food including cheese (cubes of course) and crackers, fruit, chips and salsa – complete with a bowl of crazy hot Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa (OK, that wasn’t so kid friendly) – and some veggies with Delicious Dill Mix from the Women’s Bean Project.  If you aren’t familiar with this organization, it’s worth checking out – pretty cool concept and awesome products.

What the birthday boy didn’t know was that I hired a video game truck from Gamez on Wheelz to entertain all of the boys for a couple of hours.  I knew they wouldn’t even be in the house for most of the party, so I tried to sneakily force them to eat upon arrival.   We streamed some Minecraft parody videos to the television as guests arrived and the game truck arrived shortly after the party started.  Needless to say, my son was very surprised when he walked out and saw the truck and couldn’t wait to run inside and tell the others!  

The parents who stuck around decided that this was quite possibly the best way to throw a birthday party.  We were in the comfort of our own home, yet we didn’t have boys running after each other with lightsabers, shields, and swords all over the place – it was perfect!
My son and I worked on what he wanted to give for party favors and decided upon a bag of miniature chocolate chip cookies for each guest.  We attached a Minecraft-looking “Cookies” label from another Etsy store called MinecraftPartySolved.  My son saw a big smile on each party guest as he passed them out. 

 Another successful birthday party in the books!  I’d love to hear your feedback on the party!
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