My Favorite Valentines

I have a column for the Southeast Valley Ledger coming out with my favorite Valentine’s next week – but I was so excited to share what I did for my boys this year, I decided to make it a blog post as well!

This year for my boys, I saw an idea on Oriental Trading’s site that involved a bag of Pop Rocks and a cute tag attached with wording along the lines of “You Rock, Valentine!”  While looking for bulk Pop Rocks, I enlisted my good friend and next door neighbor to try to find.  She is our family photographer and is also incredibly talented at design: cards, Facebook cover templates, invitations, announcements, you name it.  So, she designed a card to attach to the Pop Rocks for me. 
Here is a photo of the finished product!
We decided to leave them as bookmarks (rather than folding them around bag) and tie them to the top of a small bag of Pop Rocks with matching ribbon.  My friend designed “girly” ones for her daughter’s class – so cute!   You can check out more of her talents by visiting her website at GretchenWakeman Photography.
Here are some other cute ideas I have seen while searching for the perfect Valentine for my boys to give to their friends and classmates.
My friend, Gretchen, also created some very cute cards for her daughter last year using a photo of her and attached a Cherry Blow Pop to the card.  They were adorable – follow this link to the post and image on her blog:  ValentinePhoto Cards with Blow Pop.
Another one I saw used crayons, a silicone heart-shaped, muffin pan, and some packaging (even simple card stock will work!)  The result?  A heart-shaped crayon, full of different colors that can be attached to a card.  For more instructions on this one, make sure you visit the blog, For love of that Sillie Smile:  Valentine’sCrayon Craft.
The last one I’d like to share is more geared toward boys – but what kid doesn’t love some candy and a little race car?  “I Wheelie Like You” as the message stapled to the top of a bag – perfect.  For the image, check out the blog lilsugar:  Race CarValentine.
I hope you had fun this Valentine’s season – I know we did and our boys are super excited about giving their friends Pop Rocks AND a bookmark!

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