Family Memories and Holiday Decorations

Pine cones are an important part of my family’s history.  They were incorporated into the decor of the home in which I grew up as well as where my mom and dad currently reside.  Over the years, they have also become part of my own decorating. 

Why so important?  Well, my parents had known each other for quite some time, then in the fall of 1965,  they went for a walk to collect, you guessed it,  pine cones.  Then, started dating after that.    Now, we have pine cones as a beautiful symbol for our family!

When the holidays roll around, we have a large, shallow bowl that graces our kitchen table and is filled with gold, spray-painted pine cones.  A few years ago when my older one was still in pre-school, he brought home this giant pine cone decorated with red and green glitter.  As soon as I saw it, I knew the perfect place to show it off each Christmas season!  It now sits right in the middle of all of those other pine cones, and I love it! 

Our kitchen table is a popular place in our home, as I’m sure it is in yours.  All meals at home are eaten here and although we have to move the centerpiece each time we dine, I still love having the boys see this every day during the holiday season.

How do you decorate using family memories?

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