Family Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt – 2015

Over the weekend, we once again hosted our annual Family Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt.  This one had the largest number of attendees to date.  With 47 adults and 49 kids who RSVP’d “EGG-cellent” (a.k.a. YES!) to our Evite – we were ready to make this another fun, memorable event for all of our guests!

All of our amazing friends brought so much delicious food – I’ll be sharing a few of the recipes soon!

We served lots of champagne, and had vodka, cranberry juice, and OJ available.  Our coolers were filled with tiny water bottles, tiny sodas, juice bags, Coors Light (sorry Dad), and “not Coors Light” (a.k.a Modelo Especial, Blue Moon, Rolling Rock, and Shock Top).  I decided to label the cooler tops to avoid having to lift each one to figure out what was in them.   I also went with smaller water bottles and sodas this year because we always find the larger ones partially consumed and abandoned!
In addition to all of that, a few of our guests brought their own concoctions – Gretchen always delivers with a cocktail in this beautiful dispenser – recipe for this Gin Fizz coming soon!  Also, a home made pepper infused vodka was brought with everything to make the perfect Bloody Mary. Lastly, another friend made some changes to a traditional Incredible Hulk  cocktail (served in the mason jar) – we called it “Arizona Hooch”.  
I love buying goodies from Oriental Trading for this party.  We filled buckets with hacky sacks and paddle balls to decorate the tables, threw mini beach balls around the yard, and purchased egg fillers for the 1600-ish eggs that were “hunted”.
For the kiddos, we borrowed our friend’s bounce house, our friend Mindy did a great job painting faces, and we hired Tim “The Balloon Guy” to make balloon creations for all of our small party goers.  
About an hour or so into the party, The Hubby and I collect all of the dads to disperse the eggs in the common area near our home. The dads love this tradition (at least that’s what I tell myself) and have become quite efficient at the process. They have learned over the years that throwing the eggs across the grass doesn’t work because then they just come apart.  We also freeze all of the eggs filled with chocolate ahead of time in an effort to prevent a big, melty mess once they are being opened. 
We create a little parade to walk across the street, and once there, I let the little ones go first and then have to listen to the older ones complain about it.  I stall with them by taking selfies and singing songs.  This year – a few of my friends took pictures of me with all of them as well – I love those!   The kids end up having overflowing baskets by the end of the hunt accompanied by big smiles on their faces!  
Before heading back to the house, we ask our guests to separate their treasures from their eggs so that we have the eggs back for next year’s party.  
We had a lot of fun hosting the party once again this year!  I love to see everyone’s photos – all of our guests always have happy faces and look so festive all dressed up!  Thanks to everyone who shared photos with me to post here!  
We always have an annual photo of the “girls” and the “guys”.  Whomever is around gets in the photo and the women always require more photos of themselves than the guys.  Shocking, I know.  🙂
Thank you again to all of our friends who made the 2015 Annual Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt a success!  Cheers…and we WILL see you in 2016 🙂
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  • Wow! Talk about going all out! Looks like this year's Easter egg hunt will be hard to top. Although, seeing how amazing you are with organizing those fun events, I'm sure it's still possible. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing all about that fun day! I hope you and your family get to enjoy more moments like that. All the best! 🙂

    Hugh Morton @ London Business Games

  • Thank you!

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