DIY Wreath for Valentine’s Day

During a recent visit to our cabin some good friends of ours joined us and while prepping for the weekend, my friend asked if her son’s girlfriend who was joining us along with myself if we’d like to make wreaths for Valentine’s Day, we were both in!

Once the supplies came out, my younger son wanted to participate as well. The women were making wreaths while the young men rode the dirt bike – my younger son did both 🙂

We started with a large supply of decorative mesh (10″ x 30′) ribbon which we cut to about 9 inches in length. As well as a variety of ribbons in various colors, patterns, and widths. For those, we also cut them, folded them lengthwise and cut the ends at a diagonal to form a “v” shape. In addition to the ribbon supplies, we each had a wreath frame – the women all chose a heart shaped frame.

Once the ribbon was cut, we laid out 6 pieces in front of us – in a pattern or not – and rolled them lengthwise (aka jellyroll fashion) and layered them on top of one another to then somewhat resemble petals on a flower.

After those were in place, we took two pieces of the ribbon with the ends cut, “crimped” them and placed them on top, crisscrossing them over each other.

To complete the package, we secured them together with a pipe cleaner.

Each wreath had 14-16 of these ribbon bundles on them. After they were all made, we secured them to the frame using the ends of the pipe cleaners. My friend also purchased some metal words to string across the middle.

These all came out super cute and it allowed us to spend some quality time together while crafting such adorable wreaths for our front doors!

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