Halloween Cookie Decorating Station

This year, I volunteered at my older son’s classroom Halloween party – and to no one’s surprise, I volunteered for the snack station!  There were 5 total stations – snacks, spooky storytime, Halloween bingo, and 2 craft stations.

Everything had to be store bought – so went with a popular choice of “decorate your own Halloween cookie”.  The hubby volunteered for the Halloween party in the Kindergarten class last year and was put in charge of snacks – his advice “those kids used a lot of frosting and a lot of sprinkles” – man, he wasn’t kidding! 

I had anywhere between 3-5 children at my station for about 15 minutes each.  Just enough time to decorate and eat!  I gave them each a sugar cookie, then they decorated them with orange frosting and added LOTS of Halloween themed sprinkles – I mean LOTS.  They didn’t seem to care that all of the sprinkles fell off if they didn’t keep their cookie level once it was time to eat them.  Some of them thought it was even funnier when the sprinkles did fall onto their paper towels – then they could just eat them with their fingers!

Fortunately I remembered to bring a big package of baby wipes with me to help them clean up – their hands were covered in mostly orange, black, and purple – and many of the 1st graders left my table with black lips and teeth!

I added a few photos below of cookies being decorated as well as some of the final products – they looked awesome!   My oldest was super proud that his friends all said his mommy had the best station at the party (well of course they thought that….I had the cookies!)

If you are hosting a Halloween party or volunteering at a class party – this is always a great go to idea!


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