Vodka Blueberry Lemonade

The month of May has become an annual tradition for me to write and share some of my favorite cocktail recipes, wines, and beers.  For the 4th year in a row, it’s time to kick off “Cocktail Month”! 

Another tradition that has been around for a few years now is that my neighbor (and friend!) brings a fun cocktail to serve out of her beverage dispenser for our Annual Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt.  This year was no different.  With a few lemon trees in her yard, she was ready to put the remaining harvest to use, and delivered. She even shared this image of the gorgeous lemons after she picked them!

Vodka Lemonade | The Bubbly Hostess

The recipe she used called for smashed blueberries, but given that we were serving out of the dispenser,  she thought using whole ones would be a better choice.  This comes from a site called No More To-Go, a service that offers menus along with a grocery list for healthy meal options.  If you are making a large batch, you’ll want to multiply the recipe as many times as needed as this serves 4 and add the vodka directly into the dispenser.  Oh, and you may want more than a “splash” of vodka that it calls for in the recipe.  

Thanks again to Gretchen for bringing another delightful cocktail to our event!  


Vodka Lemonade | The Bubbly Hostess

Vodka Blueberry Lemonade
Serves 4
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  1. 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice, about 6 lemons
  2. 4 cups water
  3. 6 tablespoons sugar
  4. 1 cup blueberries
  5. Vodka
  1. Place blueberries on waxed paper and using the back of a spoon or a mallet, mash the berries.
  2. Combine the berries, lemon juice, water, and sugar in a pitcher.
  3. Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes stirring occasionally until all the sugar has dissolved.
  4. Fill 4 glasses with ice.
  5. Add desired amount of vodka.
  6. Pour the lemonade through a fine mesh strainer into each glass.
  7. Garnish with blueberries and lemon slices.
Adapted from No More To-Go
Adapted from No More To-Go
The Bubbly Hostess
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