Flocked Christmas Tree – Decorated with Old, New, and Christopher Radko Ornaments

If you have been following me for a while, you know that we go a little crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations.  But, we’d like to think that we do it in a tasteful, elegant way! 

In our master bedroom, we have a flocked tree that is filled with ornaments from my childhood as well as The Hubby’s, even the ones made by hand that have lasted through the years.  We have also managed to hold onto a few very old ornaments that came from my grandmother and great-grandmother – all still in tact!

As our boys started making ornaments, they were added to this tree.  Most of their crafted ornaments go on their own flocked tree that is in their bedroom (yes, I know, crazy), but some are on ours.   

We also have ornaments that we have collected from our travels over the years along with special ornaments that have been given to us.



To fill out the look of the tree, we have a collection of Christopher Radko ornaments.  These are beautifully crafted, we have some that represent the years our boys were born, some that are very large and some that are smaller.  We love them.   Here are a few photos. 







Typically, we purchase these after Christmas when we can get them at a discount – or even on eBay for a good price.  These can be pricey, needless to say we have never paid full price for one!
I’d love to hear about what makes your tree special!  Do you still have ornaments from when you were a child? 

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