Tabasco Flavor Bowl – My 1st House Party!

Over the weekend I hosted my first House Party!  I applied a couple of months ago for the Tabasco Flavor Bowl and was selected to be a host.  I quickly sent out my invitations, confirmed the attendees, and my House Party Party Pack arrived a couple of weeks before the party.  If you haven’t heard of this, it’s pretty cool!  House Party coaches you along the way, provides activities to complete, suggestions for your party, and lots of fun party favors and goodies in your party pack!

The hosts had a couple of dates from which to choose to hold the party – I chose Sunday so that we could pair it with watching a football game on TV.  It worked out perfectly that the Arizona Cardinals were playing at the same time I had planned the party!  But we also had a challenge of our own….

Tabasco’s Original Red Sauce was up against their Chipotle Pepper Sauce in the Tabasco Flavor Bowl. I went to their recipe page and came up with 2 drinks, 2 dips/salsas, and 2 meat dishes to serve at the party.

The Tabasco Flavor Bowl Challenge

While prepping for the party Sunday morning, I asked my 8 year old son to get the contents of the party pack and and to place around the house.  He went above and beyond with this task!  Not only did he create different stations (like the picture station and cheering stand), but he also created 3 Tabasco-themed games….and to top it off – a schedule of events!  The apple does not fall far from the tree…..

He was so excited about all of this and made sure to remind me that we should stay on schedule to make sure we got through all of the games and activities that were planned!

Picture Station with Props from Party Pack

Cheering  Stand with Props from Party Pack

Our games included:  Pin the Cap on the Tabasco, Hot Tabasco (like Hot Potato but with the red Tabasco football included in our Party Pack, and Tabasco Says (like Simon Says – that included an example!).  The games were stationed around the house – and even one outside.  Super proud mom!  🙂

Tabasco Themed Games and Activities Created by My 8 Year Old Son

Now for the food!  I am sharing my images with you – but sending you straight to the Tabasco site for the recipes!

I offered two cocktails, yes, both with Tabasco sauce in them!  I served a wine-based Tangy Sangria that featured the Original Red Sauce.
Tangy Sangria

I also served a Chipotle Bloody Mary that included a good dose of the Chipotle Pepper Sauce, of course!

Chipotle Bloody Mary

The Guacamolillo is more of a sauce, then a dip – but everyone thought it was great with the tortilla chips!  I will certainly make this again to serve with tacos!   This was another dish with a dash of the Original Red Sauce.


The Chipotle Salsa was also delicious with the tortilla chips!  Super fresh and the right amount of smoky flavor from the Chipotle Pepper Sauce.
Chipotle Salsa

In the crockpot, I served another easy dish using the Original Red Sauce – Sausages in Beer.  I modified the recipe some by using just over two pounds of Italian turkey sausage from Jennie-O – one package of sweet and one package of hot.   It was great!  And – a bit of a surprise as to which one you were actually going to eat when choosing them!  🙂  

Sausages in Beer

Last but not least, I used the Chipotle Pepper Sauce to make Smoky BBQ Wings.  These were delicious!  

Smoky BBQ Wings

I also knocked out a homemade cheese pizza for the kids – but most of them ate all of the food with the Tabasco sauce in it!  Once they knew there would be a vote – the definitely started to eat more of the food to make sure they were making the right choice!

The voting closed at 4:00 p.m. and by a win of just 3 points, the Chipotle Pepper Sauce beat out the Original Red Sauce.  
It was a very fun afternoon – topping it off with a win for the Arizona Cardinals, and of course, the history making play of the night, Peyton Manning’s record breaking touchdown!  Go Broncos!
We wrapped up the party with a group photo (taken by The Hubby) with all of our fun photo props from our Party Pack.
Group Photo with Party Pack Props from House Party

As our guests were leaving, they were able to take great party favors home with them including: coupons, coasters, Koozies, recipe cards, and these miniature four packs of Tabasco samples!

Party Favors from House Party
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