Rondel GOLD Brut Cava – Perfect for New Year’s Eve

As we approach the end of 2014 and another New Year’s Eve is upon us, I’m here to share a bubbly I discovered earlier this year and plan to serve during our celebrations as we ring in 2015. 
Rondel has a Brut Cava called “GOLD” – the bottle is beautiful and what a fun, festive way to celebrate the season!  A couple of months ago, I saw this in my local Total Wine store and, like a magnet, the display pulled me towards it.    

My dad passed away earlier this year and every time I see or hear the word “gold” it makes me think of him.  He was a huge fan of John Stewart and I remember hearing the song “Gold” over and over as a child.  He held season tickets for as long as I can remember to the Colorado Buffalo games and was a huge fan – their team colors are black and gold.  Lots of other reasons come to mind – but my dad was, and always will be “gold” to me.  Ironically enough, it is also my 5 year old’s favorite color.  Gold. 

Even though this bubbly is more on the fruity side, it is still pretty dry which is my kind of sparkling wine!  It’s refreshing, crisp, and seems to be a little extra bubbly to me….must be the “gold”.  A bottle at Total Wine will set you back only $10.99 – totally worth it.   
As we close out 2014 and move into 2015, I wish each and every one of you happiness, health, love, and peace.  Make your 2015……like gold.   


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