Root: 1 Cabernet – A Delicious Red Wine for Fall

As we continue to head into the fall season, the hubby and I will start to make the switch from whites to reds in the wine drinking department.  We typically stick with very light, crisp, and refreshing white wines in the summertime, but come fall and winter; bold, flavorful, red wines are what we prefer.   

This post is to introduce you to exactly one of these reds.  I can’t remember the first time we enjoyed Root: 1 Cabernet, but I know today that I’ve never regretted it!   Every time we see it on a restaurant wine list, it is our go to choice.  It has been a while since I purchased it at my favorite place in the world, Total Wine, but maybe it’s time I go stock up on a case so that I am prepared for the upcoming cooler nights.   

The Chilean Root: 1 Cabernet is not only reasonably priced but also a crowd pleaser, which makes it that much more perfect when hosting a party.  This red is a full-bodied wine that offers flavors such as berries, vanilla, and even cherry.  Coming in at just under $9 a bottle, it is an affordable wine that is a must try this season.

Right now, Root: 1 Wine has teamed up with Rewind and is running a limited time offer to receive a free limited edition Carmenere candle when you purchase a bottle of Root: 1 Wine.  Now that’s just awesome. You can go here for more details. 

Do you have an upcoming party in the works for the Fall?  Are you attending a dinner party?  Or maybe even a wine tasting?  If so, I hope you will consider sharing this beautiful and delicious wine with your friends and family this season. If not, then get a bottle to drink on your own – it will be worth it, I promise. 

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