Brunch, Bubbly, and Botox

After attending a “Botox and Bags” event at the beginning of this year, I was super inspired to host my own Botox related party. This was a “couples friendly” Botox brunch and a few of the men in attendance got some Botox too!

Our Brunch, Bubbly, and Botox was originally set for mid-April…but…well…you know…it was postponed…

We decided to move it to early June and “re-invited” all of our guests but understood if not everyone was ready to re-engage with social events.

This was an adults only brunch and I coordinated with the RN, Kristin Atchley, I met in January to attend our event as well. Before January, I had never had Botox and I have to say that it did not disappoint! Honestly, I’m glad we moved it out a couple of months because I wasn’t really needing another “dose” in April!

The Hubby and I have been working on reducing our carb intake, so focused most of our brunch items as such – everything was delish and provided a good variety as well.

As many of you know, one of my favorites to serve at any party is a nosh board. I had to make one for this event! It provided so many options for snacking – it was perfect! The Hubby LOVES sliced radishes – he uses them as a cracker, topping them with a slice of cheese and a piece of pepperoni!

I’m all about the “make ahead” dishes when hosting a party. These Egg Muffin Cups from Grab a Plate were perfect! I switched it up with Cheddar cheese – they were so good and a big hit with our guests. I kept them warm in a chafing dish throughout the event and would recommend doing that if you expect to have them out for a few hours.

I also wanted to include fruit on our buffet, a simple bowl of cantaloupe and strawberries was a great addition.

I did purchase some mini pastries from the grocery store but also made mini version of these Keto Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Wholesome Yum. These were easy to prepare the day ahead and then I brought them to room temperature before the brunch.

I also wanted to serve a salad and found this recipe for a Keto Greek Salad from My Keto Kitchen. This provided a cool, refreshing, crunchy “bite” to everyone’s brunch plates.

Last, but certainly not least, we had a mimosa bar complete with Bubbly, OJ, and Grapefruit juice. In addition, we had beer, vodka, flavored soda water, Corona Hard Seltzers, and plenty of limes!

Those “cheers” stirrers were a hostess gift from a friend at a prior party I hosted – so cute!

I didn’t take too many photos of the Botox in process, but have a couple (I should have had someone take some when I had mine done!) It was fun to see two of the ladies take a selfie with their Botox in place!!!

I hope this post inspires you to host your own Brunch, Bubbly, and Botox party!

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