Pink Party Weekend – Celebrating Victory Over Breast Cancer!

I have a friend.  Her name is Holly.  She was a good friend of The Hubby’s in collage, she had random “jobs” at our wedding over 18 years ago, and she has since become a very good friend of mine.  Whenever she visits, we have made it a tradition to go bra shopping together.

Things changed in January 2013 when I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.  After a bilateral mastectomy in June 2013, our bra shopping days were on hold.  You can read more about my story here.
Holly planned a trip to Phoenix for Spring, 2014.  After my “no cancerous activity ” PET scan in December of 2013 – we decided to make a weekend of it.  I gathered my girlfriends and hosted a Girl’s Pink Party Weekend to celebrate our boobs, our bodies, our health, and most importantly – our friendship.  
On Friday, a number of my girlfriends met for happy hour at Kona Grill at San Tan Village and then went shopping afterwards. Shopping after a few cocktails is always fun!  We hit jewelry stores, clothing stores, and most importantly – Victoria’s Secret.  After my {almost}final breast reconstruction surgery in February of 2014, I was in need of a few new things!
After shopping, we headed back to my house for a couple of more cocktails, continue chatting, and to try a Kinky Bubbly.  I wanted to serve a something pink and something with champagne.  Of course The Hubby suggested pink champagne (duh!) but I wanted a little something different.  So we poured bubbly into flutes and topped it with Kinky Liqueur.  It was a little sweet – one was plenty – but it was fun and different! 
The next day was a biggie.   Four of the girls who went out Friday night (myself included!) had scheduled individual boudoir sessions with Gretchen Wakeman Photography.   We decided that in our 40s (well, the majority of the 4 of us were in our 40s – I don’t want to discount the one who is not!) NOW was the time to do this.  I wasn’t feeling so confident about myself with the significant amount of my scars from the 5 surgeries my body endured over the course of the past year – but moved forward with our plan.  I was also repeatedly reminded that photo editing can be done.
We hired Makeup by Jen B to come to my home and make us all look amazingly beautiful  Seriously. This was an important step!  I was headed to the M·A·C counter for makeovers until I bumped up against prom night and couldn’t get in!  I’m so glad we used Jen.  Since the photo sessions were taking place in my home, once one girl was ready to go, she could start having her photos taken while the next girl had her makeup done. It was perfect!
Gretchen made it so easy for us and did an awesome job getting the best shots possible.   This was an all day process so I served champagne (of course) along with a big platter of fruits and veggies (you know, so we wouldn’t feel bloated).  We had so much fun, drinking champagne, listening to fun music, enjoying each other’s company, cheering each other on – I wouldn’t have changed any of it!

No boudoir photos here 🙂 but you can contact Gretchen about setting up your own boudoir session!

At the end of the shoot we decided to don t-shirts and have Gretchen take a group shot.  Yes, I am the one in pink with the very short hair.

Photo by: Gretchen Wakeman Photography

That night we headed to dinner at Gordon Biersch – this time WITH all of the hubbies!  The four of us looked amazing with our makeup and hair still done!  After dinner, we went to a favorite nearby bar for the rest of the evening to dance and sing karaoke.

I also had party favors made (of course!) for each of my girlfriends who helped me celebrate the weekend!  Some girls went to happy hour, some to dinner, some to everything!  It was awesome!  My friend Nancy of Seasons of Joy made these GORGEOUS cookies – amazing!  She actually sketched out each of the designs herself!  You’ll have to check out her store on Etsy – she is ridiculously talented! After taking some great pictures, Nancy was kind enough to wrap in plastic and tie with a bow!  Pink of course….

Cookies Designed and Decorated by Seasons of Joy

Cookies Designed and Decorated by Seasons of Joy

Cookies Designed and Decorated by Seasons of Joy

I had a CT scan in June that came back as “normal”.  I say that with quotes because there were a lot of words around it – but it was translated to me as “normal”.  I just finished “the final touches” of my reconstruction surgery in September.  My family and friends have been my rock throughout this.  I was so happy to have so many of my friends able to celebrate this nonsense being in my “rear view mirror” as my dad would say.  Thank you for all of your support – I love each and every one of you!

Cheers to the PINK!

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  • Love this story, you are an inspiration!

  • Thank you Bestie! And for all of your love and support!!


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