Power Ranger Cookies & Party Favors

I made these adorable, um, I mean “fierce” Power Ranger cookies for my older one’s birthday.  They were part of the goodie bag for our party guests.  As I have mentioned before – I am not a baker, I really thought these were going to be harder than they actually were!  Sadly, I was so busy getting all of this baking done, a few of the photos were only taken by my iPhone (at night) – and I never remembered to go back and take a good photo of the cookies with my Canon before putting them in the favor bags!  Lesson learned….

The cookie cut outs were from Target, Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters.  These were courtesy of big bro who found them and ended up buying them for me!  Thanks brother!

I used a straightforward sugar cookie mix – I had enough going on, I didn’t need to make sugar cookies from scratch too!

Icing cookies is not something I have done a lot of – so I found instructions on how to use royal icing to decorate cut out sugar cookies from another blogger,  Brown Eyed Baker.  They were great, step-by-step instructions and helped make my cookies turn out to be a success! 

I learned that the most important part is to use a large enough tip for the border so that when you “flood” the cookies, you don’t have any “leaks”!  I had that happen a couple of times!  Five different colors were used to represent all of the Power Rangers, I used Wilton gel icing colors to get a nice, rich color – always remember to wear gloves when using these!  I learned my lesson with a variety of blues I used for my little one’s 2 year old birthday party cupcakes last year…. 

Decorating underway

Red Rangers are ready to “flood”

To finish off the cookies, I took a look at a picture of all of the Power Rangers and iced on the black masks and belts.

iPhone photo!

I loved how these came out!  I went to the party store to get the little ninjas to attach to the favor bags and made the mistake of taking the hubby and my boys.  We ended up buying more Power Ranger “goodies” so the hubby put together another little favor bag that we then tied to the cookie bag. 

Cookies with Ninja attached
Cookies with Ninja attached
Final Party Favors!

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  • What fun! I have the assignment to make the cupcakes, but I may make these cookies too.

  • They were really pretty easy! Make sure you let me know if you do make them and send me a picture of the final product! I'd love to see it! Thanks for visiting my site!

  • Where did you find the little ninjas attached to the bags?

  • I found the little ninjas at Party City!


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