Thank You Baskets – The Easy Way

I am a big on thank you notes.  Ever since my older one was able to write, he has been writing his own thank you notes for Christmas and birthday presents.  They are short and sweet, but he does them.  I think it is so important to recognize those who are good to you and to be grateful. 

Recently, I wanted to thank a group of people who helped me over the summer, so I made them a basket of goodies…..and I made it super easy on myself.   I started by purchasing an inexpensive basket at T.J. Maxx (only $7.99) then I watched for baked goods to go on sale at my local Safeway.  They day before I brought the goodies to their unsuspecting recipients, I purchased 2 dozen red velvet cookies (a favorite of my boys) for only $5 and 1 dozen strawberry pastries, also for only $5. 

Finding a few napkins from one of my zip top bags full of random, leftover napkins – I decided on pink ones.  They were perfect.  I lined the basket with the napkins, carefully added the goodies, used some cellophane (along with some tape) to wrap the basket, and topped off with a nice bow – and of course a thank you card attached.

The team of people were so surprised to receive the basket and were so thankful.   Of course they asked me if I baked everything, I had to say no – but took credit for assembling the basket! 

A little can go a long way – I didn’t spend a lot of time or money on this, but knowing how much these people helped me this summer and the smiles on their faces on the last day I saw them, put a big smile on my face as well.

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