Charcuterie Board with Products from Fat Man and the Redhead

We happily rang in 2021 with a small group of friends and for our spread of food, I built a charcuterie board that incorporated products from Fat Man and the Redhead. They are a Spiced Snack Confectionary & Bakery – making unique and original snacks, candies, and baked goods.

These snacks all paired really nicely with the meats and cheeses on the board – and of course the sliced radishes for The Hubby! Below you’ll see the description of each that corresponds with the number on the board. You can shop their products on their website here or follow them on Facebook or Instagram to find out where they will be out selling!

  1. Rub Me Cheesy Popcorn
  2. Smoked Spiced Peanuts
  3. Candied Smoked Spiced Pecans
  4. Spiced Caramel Corn with Dark Chocolate
  5. Smoked Spiced Pistachios
  6. Spiced Bar Mix
  7. Smoked Spiced Nuts
  8. Whiney Spiced Cashews
  9. Spiced Caramel Corn with Mixed Nuts
  10. Smoked Spiced Almonds
  11. Spiced Trail Mix

I hope you’ll give their products a try – they are really quite delish!

Happy New Year!

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