Fallergo White Wine

Welcome Back!  It’s week 2 of “Cocktail Month” for me and I’d like to share a wine I recently discovered while enjoying Wine Wednesday at Bar Viñedo in Queen Creek.  This is a delicious white to sip during the hot summer months as it is perfectly light and crisp. 
“Fallergo” is produced by an Italian winemaker, Gianni Gagliardo, and is a delicious dry white wine that has a bit of a sparkle to it.  I had to research this further and learned that this characteristic is called “frizzante”, which basically means that the Italians consider this to be slightly sparkling – but less effervescent than champagne.  For me, this provided that little extra touch to enhance how refreshing this wine was to drink.  This would make an ideal beverage to serve as an apéritif.
You can read more about this winemaker as well as the Fallergo on their website here – you will likely need to translate through Google, unless of course you are fluent in Italian.
To purchase this, make a visit to Bar Viñedo at the corner of Power and Rittenhouse in Queen Creek and inquire about it – you can even tell them that The Bubbly Hostess sent you!
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