Tavel Rosé – A Beautifully Pink Wine

I am a big fan of the color pink…to me it’s bright, happy, and hopeful!  I am also a fan of some pink beverages including pink lemonade, cosmopolitans, pink champagne, and rosés .  Not such a fan of white zinfandels however, I mean c’mon – it doesn’t even have pink in the name!

Several weeks back, while unsuccessfully searching for a bottle of Miraval Rosé (you know, the Brangelina one?) at Total Wine, this bottle of Tavel Rosé was recommended to me.  I recently had the opportunity to try it and boy did I like it!  It’s a dry, light, refreshing wine that is a perfect way to beat the summer heat.  This one is priced a little bit higher than my normal spending for an every day wine at $16.99 a bottle, but it was well worth it!

If you give this one a try, I’d love to get hear what you think!  Stop back by my site and leave feedback! 

Cheers to the color pink!!!

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