Blackberry Mojitos

It’s the final week of “Cocktail Month” for my column over on The Southeast Valley Ledger and why not finish out the month with a fun drink like a Blackberry Mojito?

Mojitos are super easy and perfectly refreshing in the summer. The classic version is a mixture of light rum, limes, mint, and club soda – adding a few blackberries while muddling the mint gives the cocktail a beautiful color and fruity taste. You don’t necessarily need a “muddler” to make these, but you will need a cocktail shaker and the back of a spoon.

Blackberry Mojitos
Serves 2
4 ounces light rum (I use Bacardi)
12-14 mint leaves
2 tablespoons sugar
10-12 blackberries
2 limes, cut into quarters then each quarter cut cross-wise. Save a little bit to slice for garnish.
Club soda
To your cocktail shaker add the mint leaves and sugar. Using a muddler or the back of a spoon, mix them together, breaking up the mint. Add the blackberries, muddle more. Squeeze all of the limes into the cocktail shaker and drop them in there, muddle just a little bit more. Add rum. Put top on shaker and start shakin’!
Fill two rocks glasses with crushed ice. Strain the liquid into each glass, then remove top to add some of the limes and blackberries. Top with club soda and stir. Garnish with a slice of lime.
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