Number Themed Birthday Party

A party for a 2 year old….

When my youngest son turned two, I went a little crazy with the “2” theme!  But I loved the end result! Idea for the cake and the colors came from the hostess of all hostesses, Martha.  You can find the how to on the cake here:  Number Themed Cake

I made the 2s for the cupcakes out of a simple fondant created right in the microwave combining marshmallows, water, powdered sugar, and shortening until I got to that right consistency.  I have a set of very small numbers and letters cookie cutters that I used for the 1 year old party (check out THAT party idea!) and it worked perfectly to create the 2s on the cupcakes.

The frosting for the cake and the cupcakes was a tried and true buttercream recipe from Wilton.  Buyer beware on the vibrantly colored frosting – for those who ate the cupcakes, we were a little surprised to see blue and green in the potty the next day! 

The favors were giant Rice Krispie treats in the shape of a 2 dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with polka dot icing.  To create the favors, I made large batches of the treats and developed my own template of a 2 using  WordArt in MS Publisher, cut it out, then traced the 2 with a small knife to get them out of the pan. 

We also had snacks complete with a tray of cheese and crackers where I took a 2 cookie cutter to slices of cheese!

I hope this will inspire you to throw a number themed party!

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