Bug Themed Birthday Party

When my oldest turned 5, we decided to have a bug themed party! 

Kudos go out to the Pink Peppermint Blogger for the invite and plate/napkin idea!

Here is a link to the site:  Pink Peppermint Blogger Bug Party

My son helped me design the invite – told me where to put all of the bugs!  He also helped me decorate the cake and place the giant bugs!  

I used a box cake mix – those work just great!  But went to a yummy buttercream recipe from Wilton for the frosting and grass icing.  The “dirt” was made with crushed oreos (I’m sure there is another chocolate wafer out there that you could use that would not require you to separate a bunch of oreos so you don’t get any white – but I just didn’t plan so great on that one…..) and I used a grass tip for the icing. 

The favors were mason jars filled with plastic bugs, bug rings, bug finger puppets, and of course a bug lollipop!  Gotta love Oriental Trading Company……

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  • Very nice choice for your kids party theme. I like that bug cake decoration and invitation is nice too! Im wondering what's your idea for the next birthday.

  • Thanks for checking out my site! I'm not sure about the next birthday – I have a few months to start planning that one! I'm in full holiday party mode – stay tuned for more blog posts on our decorations and our upcoming holiday party! Thanks again.


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