Rocket S’mores for the 4th of July

My oldest son is my “go to” when it comes to dreaming up something fun that kids can help with in this kitchen – this time was no different.  Given how close we are to the 4th of July, he suggested a twist on a summertime favorite – s’mores.   This kid could eat s’mores every day – probably for every meal.  His younger brother will only consume them deconstructed.  He’ll learn one day that the melty marshmallow combined with the chocolate and graham cracker is nothing short of delicious!
For this tasty treat, we added a waffle half, whipped cream, Magic Shell, red and blue sprinkles, and of course a cherry on top.  Chocolate syrup could also be used, the Magic Shell didn’t really work as expected – I forgot it had to go onto something cold to actually become shell-like!  Just needed some “glue” to hold the “rocket top” in place.
I hope you’ll get into the kitchen and build Rocket S’mores these with your kiddos this week to celebrate our U.S.A.!
Rocket Smores for the 4th of July | The Bubbly Hostess
Rocket S'mores
Serves 1
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  1. 1 graham cracker – broke into 2 squares
  2. 1 section of Hershey’s chocolate bar (I use 3 squares of a bar)
  3. 1 giant marshmallow – you know, the ones made by Jet-Puffed?
  4. 1 frozen Belgian waffle, cut in half diagonally
  5. Whipped cream
  6. Chocolate syrup
  7. Red and blue sprinkles
  8. 1 maraschino cherry
  1. Toast the halved waffle, allow to cool.
  2. Place 1 graham cracker square on a plate and top with your piece of chocolate.
  3. Pour a few of the sprinkles into a small bowl – you’ll use this to coat the marshmallow. Microwave the marshmallow for a few seconds on a small plate. You want the marshmallow to be sticky and just warm enough to start to melt the chocolate. Roasting is an option too – but it may not be sticky enough for the sprinkles to stick.
  4. Roll the marshmallow around in the sprinkles and place on top of the chocolate – cover with 2nd graham cracker square.
  5. Once your waffle has cooled, at a little bit of chocolate syrup to the top of the s’more and place waffle, cut side down, on top. Hold in place and “secure” with a little whipped cream on each side. Add a small amount of whipped cream to the point of the waffle and top with the cherry.
  6. Add more sprinkles to the whipped cream and around the plate if desired. Serve immediately.
The Bubbly Hostess
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