14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon

I recently shared this in one of my columns for The Ledger but wanted to include here as well.  I had been taste testing wines for the annual wine tasting party that some very good friends of ours were hosting and I remembered another delicious Cabernet Sauvignon that I think you’ll want to try.   

14 Hands Vineyards is located in the beautiful state of Washington.  This is a region that can really produce some quality wines.  I’ve even had the honor of visiting a few of the wineries in that area – I’ll save that for another column. 

The Cabernet in particular is smooth, fruity, and has just a hint of spice.  I think that this wine can easily be paired with a tender filet (with a blue cheese crust on top of course!), consumed with a nice selection of boldly flavored cheeses, or simply enjoyed in a large glass while sitting in front of the fire and enjoying the company of friends.  At just around $10 at Total Wine, you might as well give a bottle a try.   

This Columbia Valley vineyard produces many different varietals of wine including whites, reserves, and blends.  To learn more about 14 hands, you can visit their website at www.14hands.com.

Go here to read more about the 2012 wine tasting party and how to host your own.

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