The Big Kahuna…….It’s Kinda Good for a Screw Cap

Some good friends of ours recently introduced us to a wine that is exclusive to Fresh and Easy.  The Cabernet is good but they prefer the Merlot. 

They were recently at our home where they brought some of this wine to share.  The only information he shared was that it was called The Big Kahuna, poured me a glass of the Merlot, and asked me to taste and give him my thoughts.  It was pretty good!  Smooth, easy to drink, I thought it would pair well with many types of food.  His response was “It’s kinda good for a screw cap” – and he was right. 

He then shared with me that he buys it at Fresh and Easy and that it is only $2.99 a bottle, every day.  Yes, $2.99 a bottle.  I’m normally not a fan of everyday wine with a price tag under $8 or $9, but this was decent.

If you have a Fresh and Easy in your area, I’d recommend giving these a try.  There are a number of different varietals and their website provides a description of each wine along with food pairing suggestions. 

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